Our Approach

Shore Neuropsychology & Behavioral Health offers specialized services through a unique, post-acute program that includes neuropsychology, speech and language therapy, vocational and educational rehabilitation, family support, and counseling.

Our multidisciplinary team is comprised of licensed health professionals who share an interest in treating individuals in a coordinated setting with an evidence-based approach to care. The team is characterized by a shared passion for ethical, compassionate, and empirically driven delivery to treatment. Clinicians coordinate patient care with other vital medical professionals such as neurologists, primary care physicians, pain management specialists, and orthopedists. They are committed to patient recovery through the restoration of cognitive skills, emotional strength, psychosocial adaptation, and eventual return to work, school, or to community/volunteer activities.

Shore Neuropsychology & Behavioral Health

Our Clinicians

Kristine Keane, Psy.D.

Natalie Angelo

Kathleen Boss, Psy.D

Jessica Casey, MS, NCC, LPC

Gina Falcone, Ph.D.

Sarah Fischbein, LCSW

Michelle Foster, MA, LPC, EdD

Anna Grejtakova, MA, LPC

Shannon Hensel, LAC

Abbie L. Loughran, MSW, LCSW

Edward MacNish, MS, LPC

Carlie Manto, LPC

Kristen Marcaly, Psy.D.

Alison O’Connor, Psy.D.

Mallory Sheklian, LPC

Kaitlyn Smith, LAC

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